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Two schoolgirls in Collège Dargent
Article mis en ligne le 10 avril 2008

We are Chloe
and Axelle

I’m Axelle. I’m 13 years old and I like
listening to music and watching TV.

And I’m Chloé. I’m 13 years old too, I love being with
my friends and listening to music.

We are schoolgirls in a secondary school.
Its name is " College Dargent ".

Our school is in France, in Lyon ; We study French, Maths, English,
Spanish, History, Geography, Physics, Biology, Technology, Arts,
Music and PE.

We start school at 8 a.m and we finish it at 5 p.m, five days a
week except on Wednesdays, we finish at 10 a.m.

Sometimes, we eat at the cafeteria.

Lyon is a second biggest
city in France.

We have a great football team in Lyon. Its name is Olympique

In our city there are a lot of monuments such at the church of
Fourvière, the Traboules,....

The emblem is a lion. The traditional dishes are "saucisson" and

There are a lot of comics like Florence Foresti, Laurent Gerra,

We have traditions like the 8th December : the
"party" of the lights and a traditional muppet show :

People of Lyon are called the " lyonnais". Lyon is a
great city, famous for its tourists’ attractions.

At first, we could think that the Lyonnais have a bad
temper, but it’s not true, when we know them, they are very
pleasant .

We are very fond of our

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