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What is a school week like for French school students ?

"If you want to learn things about schools in France, look at the texts under this introduction. You’ll be able to read articles written by school girls and boys.
We hope you’ll enjoy it. Good reading !"

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A French schoolboy’s life
Publié le 10 avril 2008

Hello !


to the collège DARGENT. My name is Kevin and I’m in 4°5. This collège is in Lyon and Lyon is in France. In my class we are 26 pupils. We have got 11 teachers and we have all the essential subjects : French, English, technology, biology, arts, music, maths, history and geography, (...)

My week and my school
Publié le 10 avril 2008

My name is Florian. I’m 13 years old. I’m a pupil of 4°5

in "collège Dargent" in Lyon, in France.

In my "collège" there are 630 pupils. It ’s rather

big, the playground is large but there are not many trees. I don’t

really like my school : the building are not very beautiful. (...)

My School Life
Publié le 10 avril 2008


is a secondary school in Lyon. It is a city of France, that is two

hours away from Paris by train. There are children from 11 to 15. In

a secondary school there are 4 levels :“6ème,

5ème, 4ème, 3ème”.

My name is Nataha. I’m 14 and I’m in “4ème”.

In a school week, I (...)

My life in Collège Dargent
Publié le 10 avril 2008


Welcome to the site of



Dargent is in Lyon in the centre-east of France.

My name is Doriane. I am

in 4°5. I’m thirteen years old. I work twenty-seven


per week on Mondays, on Tuesdays, on Wednesday mornings, on Thursdays, and on Fridays.

My school subjects

are : (...)

My school week in France
Publié le 10 avril 2008

Lyon is the

second biggest city of France. It is up South-East. It is about two

hundred kilometres from the Alps.

I spend twenty-six hours in my "collège"

every week. During the school week, I eat at home but, on Mondays I eat at the cafeteria with my friends, then we play badmington (...)