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A school week by a French girl
Article mis en ligne le 10 avril 2008


is the second biggest city of France. It is in the upper South-East.
It is about two hundred kilometres from the Alps.

France, we go to school five days a week. We have different
timetables according to our form, but in our school we can’t
finish later than at six o’clock p.m. (if we have P.E. or if we
go to the swimming-pool).

the school week we have one hour of music and one of art. We have the
same subjects as in England.

lunch, we can eat at home or with our friends in the cafeteria of the
school. We have two hours to eat. If we want, we can do sports near
the school with the P.E. teachers, we can do drama or sing at lunch
time for example.

Wednesday afternoons, we have no school. We can finish school at
twelve, eleven, ten or even nine a.m. if we have just one hour of
class. In the afternoon, we can do what we want. But if we do any “
lunchtime “ sport, we can have competitions sometimes.

school week finishes on Friday and all the students are happy when
it’s the week-end or when it’s a holiday because we don’t
like school so much.

France, the marks are with numbers, not
with letters.

are three terms (of about three months) in a school year. In all the
terms we must work hard to have good marks because at the end of
the terms there is a “class meeting”. The teachers have a
meeting with two class representatives and two parent
representatives. The principal or/and the “C.P.E” (a
staff member in charge of discipline) are at the class meeting too.
They talk about the pupils of the class and decide to congratulate
them (if they had good marks and good behaviour) or not (if the
students didn’t make any efforts during the term).

can’t say that I hate school, because it’s not true, but
it’s not the thing which I prefer. I’m good at it and I
prefer some subjects like English or History.


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