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I’ve recently moved to the countryside
Article mis en ligne le 9 avril 2013

Les élèves de 3ème devaient écrire un mail à un ami pour dire ce qui a changé suite à un déménagement de la ville à la campagne...

From :

To :

Subject : My new life in the country !


Hi girl !

How are you ? I miss you. When will you visit my country ? I'm so happy to be in the country but I have a lot of regrets about my life in Lyon :(!

I miss : The shopping centre

 The bowling

 The big cinema

 My friends

 My former house

 The noises in the streets

 My high school...

Concerning my new life in the country, there is no pollution, no noise, there is grass, there are trees and animals — it's « THE » dream. I have got garden and a swimming pool. I live in a little village.

In the past : I used to go shopping very often but now I have a walk in the village. I used to eat junk food but now I eat good vegetables from my garden. I used to take the underground but now I take the car every day.

I regret a lot my life in Lyon, because I could see my friends very often. I like the country very much but only for the weekends.


See you soon ! ;) Anaïs



From : Eiddy

To : Amy


Dear Amy

Hi, how are you ? Here, my parents and I are very fine. I' m missing you, I would like to see you. You know I live in a village which name is “La Tour du Pain”, in my new school, the rules are very strict but teachers are very nice and my friends are funny and cool.

Before I used to be stressed and now I 'm not stressed anymore. Now I can go out with my friends. My father has sold his large car and he decided to buy a hybrid car. We don’t buy vegetables in a shop anymore, we have bought a house with a garden. My parents still work for ERDF, every week, they take the train to go to LYON but now they don't work ninety hours a week anymore. So, I'm very happy with my new life.

I will come to see you next week end.

See you soon. 




From : (

To : (

Subject : My move !


Hi there ! ;) It's Flower from the country ! 1,2 1,2 this is a test. How are you my friend ? I miss you so much ! Still not dead because of the car's pollution ? I'm fine here, bike doesn't kill...


No, really, the air in the country is better ! I can breathe ! The grass is green here :) Everybody is so gentle and you now, I recycle. (It’s a revolution ! Call the doctor) You should do that too !

But... I know you and instead of recycling you surely eat a lot of lollipop and throw the wrapper on the ground ! Pffff... Really... .

My style has a bit changed. Indeed I used to take a bath about four times a week but I don’t anymore. Now I take a shower ! :D (The fact that there isn't much hot water pushes me, I admit...) I think it's just the one fact that's positive, for me.

We used to do the shopping every Saturdays ! We bought a lot of things, and we ate candy (the sweet ? one). Now I can't find any candy ! It's the end of the world for me ! You know that ! :'( Then the shops are so far away, I must take the car, with my mother. I used to eat hamburgers with potatoes at Mc Donald’s, now I must eat vegetables ! I know it's good for my health but... I can't do that, or just a little, not every day ! But my mother has got a garden, she loves that help me !! ><

You must be thinking « She has really changed ! :O » And the answer is : « NO ! ». Seriously, I don't think of the future, I’m like that, I’m still crazy as I used to be. I can't change like that. That's all. I still throw paper on the ground (or on the way, I know : P).

I want to live in Lyon, like before... I miss youuuu so much ! See you and take care,

Your Fleur like a flower. :3



From :

To :

Object : I like the country ! ♥


Hello Clara,


As you know, I've moved to the country, in PACA.

Before, I used to do my shopping at the supermarket near my home, but here there are not many shops. So I have to walk for 15 minutes to do my shopping.

I used to take my car but now I'm going with my bike.

I used to spend a lot of time on the computer. But now, I enjoy the country to discover nature.

And I can photograph animals when I see them ! I fell in love with the country and my new home. I am very happy to live here now, with two cats, Mickey and Minnie.


I hope to receive your email soon !





From Hédy (

To Matt (

Send : 11/03/2013


Dear Matt,


I am very happy that you asked for news of me, it's very pleasant. I knew that you were going to send me an email about my new life in the country. You are curious my friend !

It's very different Matt, my principal regrets about my life style in Lyon are the population ; there are less people in Meximieux, my new town... It's very boring. Actually, I feel alone because there are a lot of old people there. I haven’t found any teenagers who can become my new friends.

Secondly, you know that I love shopping ? Unfortunately, there are just three small shops in this village. There isn't an amusement park or a mini-golf, NOTHING :( ! About the food, I used to eat large hamburgers and a big box of potatoes at McDonalds but not anymore... Now, I eat a lot of vegetables. In fact, I have become vegetarian. In the past, I used to go to the cinema every evening to see some action movies, like James Bond or Indiana Jones, but there aren't cinemas here. I used to go to the university by Ferrari, with my father and my sister. Now, I go to work by bicycle...

However, life is more simple in Meximieux, it's quieter than the big city of Lyon. When I get up, I can hear the bird song and it's very calm, but I miss Lyon. I want to come back and live in my home town. I think I am going to finish my school year and I will ask my parents if we can go back home...

I hope we will meet each other, I miss you my best friend.

PS : Could you tell Mary that I love her ? I miss her...

A lot of kisses from Meximieux.




From : solene16 

To : maria25 

written on 12/03/13


Hi, Maria, it's Solene. I send you a little message to tell you about my new life in the country.

I miss the big city I miss shopping every week and going to the cinema and mainly I miss seeing you every day at school.

People here are so weird ! They look like peasantry but they are very nice to us. Now we live in a beautiful wooden house and we have a big garden. My mom picks fruit and vegetables in our garden for cooking. I go to a little school, there aren’t people but everybody is so sweet and I’ve made friends.

I used to go to school on foot with you, but now my dad drops me off every morning by car.

I don't go to the cinema every week anymore but I still do the shopping every week.

So I miss life in Lyon and I miss you but I’m okay I just hope I can see you soon. Kiss :),, ré

Object : Keeping touch with friends


Hello friends !


As you all know, I moved from Lyon to Grand-Britain for my father's job. I write this mail to give you more details. We are now living in an amazing typical English house in a little village called Mooses, situated in Brighton, ten minutes from the Brighton Pavilion.

My new life here is so awesome but I admit that I miss my native town and childhood's friends. I remember the afternoons I used to spend with you playing football at Montplaisir stadium or going to the cinema after eating tacos, laughing for nothing...My best memories...Do you remember the time when Laura laughed so she spat out coke through the nose !! Sometimes I smile thinking about it.

About my new life here...I can tell you that it makes a real change ! It’s too calm, there are cows and goats, also sheep and calves...My first neighbour are 250 meters far from my house. But Britain is a beautiful country and the British are so respectful !


See you soon,




From : (

To : (

subject : sweet Nightmares !


Hey Candy ! How are you doing ? Today it's been one month since we last saw each other. since I came to live in the country. 

I miss you a lot. I never imagined that one day we could live separately remember since we were born we were together ! Yes I wanted to move into a house but not in the country.

My life in the country is not as it used to be. We used to have only one garbage container now we have four of them ! I can't take it anymore, it's too much work and I am still lazy as I used to be ;)

Remember how mom used to hate McDonald now we can't even go once in a month. We are on a vegetable diet !! she cooks things from her garden like carrots, cabbages , spinach and tomatoes. She has got a big garden.

I don't completely hate here, we have got a very nice house and my room is not as messy as it used to be. I decorated it with dolphins and sharks as the first one but there are many of them.

Dad used to take two baths like me but now he only takes a shower in the morning. I haven't changed I still take my two baths per day.

He is always shouting because he wants me to change and think about our planet. I am a fussy person when it concerns sanitary.

I don't leave the lights on in every room I go anymore. Mom said I could have an aquarium as I used to dream about it before.

She has become calm, she's not stressed anymore, and she thinks it's the unpolluted air around us.


I am getting slowly used to the life here so maybe in some days I will completely love it here ! I am going to do my best to protect the environment.

Last but not least MOM AND DAD are OKAY for you to come during the holidays and you can spend as much time as you want with me !!!

I miss you horribly darling !


Forever Love,


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