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Devinettes en anglais
Article mis en ligne le 6 janvier 2014
dernière modification le 20 décembre 2013

par V. Mamouna

Voici quelques devinettes écrites par des élèves de quatrième.

Riddles : guess where they are.... in Dargent School.

1. This is a place where there are tables and chairs.
People are laughing, talking and gossiping.
The staff is wearing chef’s hats.
Pupils sometimes push to get into this room because they are hungry.
What room are we describing ?
(Pauline and Lise)

2. The phone is ringing.
A staff member is using a computer.
I can see a tardy student.
I can see a counter.
Where am I ?
(Matthieu and Thomas)

3. This place is on the ground floor.
We can see a man with glasses. He is tall.
There are computers, a power drill and a videoprojector.
We have lessons there and we sometimes use tools.
We go there on Tuesdays and Fridays.
What room is it ?
(Anaïs and Maelle)

4. I can see men and women. They are chatting and working.
I can smell coffee.
What room is it ?
(Corentin and Brian)

5. We go there when we need.
There is a bench in this room.
We must stand in line if there is nobody.
We can see stairs next to this place.
We can see it from the playground.
Where are we ?
(Maëline and Jovana)

6. I can see food, plates, spoons, knifes, glasses and forks.
There are cooks everywhere. They are wearing white uniforms.
They are cleaning plates and cooking.
Where am I ?

7. I can see a teacher and some pupils.
There is a smell of banana.There are flasks and test tubes.
The teacher sometimes burns the desk.
The pupils are doing electric experiments.
They are using chemical products.
Where am I
(Hugues and Nathan)