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A French pupil’s school life
Article mis en ligne le 10 avril 2008

Hello, I am Denis and I am13 years old. I am a pupil of 4°5 in
Marcel Dargent high school in Lyon, France. In my school, there are
630 pupils.

I work from Monday to Friday. I always start school at 8:00 a.m.
and, I finish school at 5:00p.m. But, on Wednesdays, I finish school
at 12:00 a.m.

Here is my timetable :

- On Monday, I have got biology, physics, history, Spanish and French.

- On Tuesday, I have got Spanish, P.E., maths, English and French.

- On Wednesday, I have got music and history.

- On Thursday, I have got maths, English, arts, history and technology.

- On Friday,I have got English, Spanish,maths and French.

To go to school, I don’t need to take the bus because my school is
500 metres from my house. I don’t have to wear a uniform to go to

I like basketball, watching films and reading comics. I love
rock, Linkin Park is my favorite group. I
don’t like rap music and r’n’b. I love swimming, skiing and dancing.

I hate tidying my room, cleaning my cat’s box and eating vegetable
soup. My favorite film is « La liste de Schindler  »
and my favorite book is Eragon ; I am crazy
about playing football with my brother.

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